Tuesday, 13 August 2013

International Left-handers' Day

Once a year, on August 13th, I forget that I am a visual artist and a translator to focus on the fact that I am also a left-hander.
I know that many lefties are proud to have their own day. Personally, I do not like so much the idea that we still need a special day, although I find it important to promote awareness that we are still discriminated in a predominantly right-handed world: the tools we need to be able to work properly or without injuring ourselves (scissors, knives, tin opener, symmetric ladle, pencil sharpener, ruler, computer mice, left-handed music instruments, etc.) are often not to find in normal shops at normal prices. Cameras, cash machines or turnstiles which symmetric design are most of the time not to find at all. I hate one-sided clothing (shirts, jackets and trousers with pockets at the wrong place and/or opening the wrong way) and I would like be able to eat with the knife in the left hand and the fork in the right hand without be stared at as if I were a Martian.

If we want to become part of normality, we left-handers have to open our mouth and explain which are our needs and why. Right-handers do not discriminate us on purpose: they often really do not know... To explain it shortly: we live in a mirror. Everything which is symmetric is okay for us. If it is not, we need a special mirror-inverted version of it.

Happy Left-handers' Day to everyone!