Saturday, 28 September 2013

End of the summer

Years ago, as I was living in Germany, I used to be a bit sad in September because of the perspective of a long and hard winter coming. I could not help myself to check again and again how many days I still had to work in the office before the next break comes up. And it always seemed to me an awful long time to wait until then...
Now, I am happy that the summer holidays are finished with their mass tourism. I like the autumn here with its interesting light, a weaker sun which is still strong enough to give us the possibility of hiking. Even the winter with its pleasant temperatures is a delight, ideal for bird watching, shorter hikes and walking on empty beaches.
In fact, I have learnt to (try to) enjoy every day of my life, not only holidays. If I was still checking my calendar permanently to see when the next break comes up, I definitely would have to change something in my life.

Parrots in the sky