Thursday, 30 January 2014

Room for dreams

I need the sea nearby to be happy. 

Of course, I was able to live many years far away from it, but I always had the feeling to miss something. I love mountains too with their lakes, but if the sea is not there, they lose a little bit of their attraction for me. 
I enjoy the typical salty smell and taste of the sea, the rhythm of the waves, the shells and starfish on the beach, and the fishing boats, especially the traditional jábegas of Phoenician origin. I enjoy looking at the sea everyday, day and night. It offers me peace - and room for dreams.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Cities, landscapes and life are full of weird, beautiful details...


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Art, a luxury good?

I am deeply convinced that art is not a luxury good. 

Of course, art is not a priority as air to breathe, food or water. No one needs to go to a concert or to hang a painting in the living-room. But how would our world look like without art? Could it exist?

Looking at the beauty of a historic town, for example, which was built at a time where architecture was not dissociated from art, makes clear that and how art influences the way we perceive the world - and its value for our society. 

Palm trees


Goodbye summer

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Urban decay

January. Time to forget the holiday season and to concentrate on new projects.
I wanted to begin this new year with something different. 

With my camera, I mostly try to capture beauty. From unusual angles, but beauty - little details which one does not see because he or she is looking at the phone or just rushing, and which make this very moment unique at that place.

A couple of months ago though, I saw pathetic pictures of urban decay in bankrupt Detroit (among them, pictures of hope as well). Very good work.
Some of those photos remind me strongly the situation here (by far not as bad as in Detroit of course), so that I felt committed to documenting the situation next to my door. I chose to work with black and white. 
Some pictures may look a bit surrealistic, but they are all very real. No montages, no filters, just the situation as it is - me with my small camera: when windows are dirty or broken and the sun is shining, one does not need any technical means to get some interesting effects ;-)

(All pictures were taken in Torremolinos, except the last two which were taken in Málaga).