Wednesday, 4 June 2014


After reading Matt Chinian's blog post Parameters a couple of weeks ago, I began to reflect about my own rules. I knew I must have something like that in mind but had never thought about articulating them...

First rule, here as well: there are no rules and I am totally free.

Second rule: I will enjoy what I do and only do what I am good at. Of course, I am free to try new techniques, subjects, dimensions because there is no creative process without experimenting.

Third rule: I will try to keep a balance between painting and photography. (This rule may disappear one day if I feel that I have no inspiration any longer to paint or do not find enough interesting subjects to capture with my camera).

Fourth rule (same as in life): I will always be ethical. Which means: as a painter, I will never use (copy) a painting or photograph by another artist without asking for permission and/or mentioning the author clearly on the front side of the canvas (if this had to happen one day that I feel like using material of someone else). And, as a photographer, I will not take pictures of human beings without their knowledge and authorization (even if those persons have no clue about intellectual property, right to their image and all that).


Octopus's dance