Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer. Tourists.

Every time summer comes with its high temperatures, I ask myself why so many people choose to come here at the same time, when you basically cannot do anything else than tanning on the beach, sleeping in the shade, and going out at night. But in July and August, tourists are part of the scenery and it would be dramatic if all those people decided not to come.
On the other hand, we may not forget that this large number of people is the sum of many individual human beings, everyone of them having his or her own story, own needs and passions that are perhaps not so different than mine (most of the time, when I get into a conversation with one of them, we enjoy meeting each other). And, this year especially, I am so glad to see tourists from different countries coming and cohabiting with each other and with us. Sometimes, yes, despite of the concrete, dirty streets and noise, I wish the whole world could become a big Costa del Sol - a place where many communities and visitors are peacefully living together.