Thursday, 22 January 2015

10 years in Spain

At the end of January 2005, I flew from Germany to Spain to sign the sale contract of the flat that we wanted to buy there. I had to travel alone and was so scared that I would sign a document that I was not able to understand 100% despite of two days preparation with several specialized dictionaries... 
Once I had the keys in my pocket, I walked down the steps to the beach and felt just lucky - the impression to have done the right thing.

Ten years later, I am still convinced that moving to Spain was the right decision. Life is not easier here, but nature is everywhere and the better climate makes it possible to live outside many days of the year. Without living here permanently, I would never have imagined how rich and diverse the peninsula is. We probably would have seen the principal attractions that are mentioned in every travel guide, but never would have discovered other idyllic places off the beaten track. 
Beauty is hidden everywhere in Spain. Simple beauty. You just have to open your eyes...

Those beautiful cacti were hidden behind a service station in the province of Seville ;-)