Sunday, 1 March 2015

Drawing outside! (I)

I know what I am good at, which does not mean that I do not like to try something new, sometimes. 
I was invited to participate to the project "A Paper / a Day" organized by Kunstwerkt in Gent (Belgium), and after hesitating a bit (I do not know anybody there), I bought a little sketchbook and went for it. After all, it could be the occasion to meet people on the web and to prove that I also can draw ;-)

The idea was to create one small drawing every day - like a diary, they said, max. 10x15 cm - from February 15 until April 1 and to send it to them every day (yes, it is still running). I did not feel like drawing a diary. In my case, inspiration for abstract works comes like waves, not on command. But why not drawing spots of my town (Torremolinos) and surroundings (Benalmádena, Málaga, Mijas)? 
I knew I would find some spots, even if this town has nothing special except of its location on a sunny coast: originally a fishing village that became a pioneer of mass tourism in Europe (I could cry when I look at old postcards...)
But I am convinced that beauty can be discovered everywhere. 

Inspired by my colleague and friend Matt Chinian, I felt excited about the idea to work outside - something I cannot do with acrylic painting as my formats are generally too big and my way of painting makes it impossible. 
But small figurative drawings that I can achieve in three to five minutes, yes, could be performed outside! So, for the first time for years, I had to deal with the problematic of finding a good spot. Something nice to draw and a place where I can stand or sit (even on the pavement). 

Here are my first 15 drawings. All 9x13.5 cm and done with an Indian ink artist pen. Enjoy!