Saturday, 12 December 2015

Looking back over this year...

Looking back over this year, I feel that I advanced a lot by experimenting new things. Through the Belgian organization Kunstwerkt, I took part to the project "One Paper A Day", and because I chose to draw on location where I live, I created figurative works. As the project came to an end after one month and a half and 45 drawings, I could not give up drawing spots and buildings, even if I still prefer to create abstract works, because I feel totally free and "more myself". 
I worked less with acrylic on canvas this year: this summer has been particularly hot, my studio was an oven. On the other hand, I learnt to work with SketchBook Express in order to perfect and colour scanned drawings I first had performed on paper with black Indian ink. The idea came from a translator friend who said to me one day: "Why don't you put at least a little bit of colour in your Andalusian scenes?"
I discovered more of Twitter (I joined in 2014 but I had not been very active), and I learnt to appreciate this medium a lot. While Facebook may be good to communicate with people whom you already know, it a useless (as a page) to get in touch with new fellow artists - and boring. Twitter is definitely better. I got in touch with great people, painters, illustrators, photographers and lifeguards. Yes, lifeguards. 
I still do not know where my way will end, but I know that I will keep moving forward even if I am slower than a snail. Snails are beautiful animals ;-)