Monday, 21 March 2016

From Leopard to Zebra Shark

I am "only" a visual artist, not an illustrator - painting or drawing abstract is what I like the most, but a couple of months ago, I came upon a nice group on Twitter posting under the hashtag #AnimalAlphabets. 
The idea was to post an animal beginning with a certain letter once a week, all together on Monday 7 p.m. I discovered them with letter L that was for Leopard, and here a small collage with my work from Leopard to Zebra Shark.
No, I did not have the courage others colleagues had to catch up from letter A, drawing all the animals I had been missing. Maybe because I am not sure I am good at it. However, the action was funny, I had to leave my comfort zone, and the company was good! 

My two favourites, X for Xenops and Z for Zebra Shark

A collage with the other letters, from L to Z

Saturday, 12 March 2016


Sometimes, life makes decisions for you and looks like a labyrinth. Everything seems to be complicated but you feel you should act as you do because you are convinced that it is right. Quite soon, perhaps, the same wind that carried the clouds will blow them away...

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

March. Spanish beaches

March is there, with more daylight. 
Time to show you some pictures of a series about Spanish beaches that I began to create some time ago. Although I have always tried to prove that my adopted country is much more than its beaches, it would of course be silly to ignore the beauty of those. An endless beauty - if you are ready to get up early, walk off the beaten track (away from cocktail bars, "chiringuitos" (small beach restaurants), and noise in general...), listen to the migratory birds and wonder about the shells. Enjoy!

(N.B. There seems to be something wrong with comments posted on some Google blogs at the moment. Some comments appear only when I am logged out and disappear when I am logged in, so that I am not able to answer them now. Hope this will be fixed soon!)