Sunday, 8 May 2016

Here and now

Strange weekend... I wanted to participate to the photo marathon from Friday to Monday, but bad weather was forecast, heavy rain and thunderstorm. I thus walked with my camera on Friday already and succeeded in taking a couple of interesting pictures that I will upload on the municipality’s site in the next days. Yesterday, I wanted to attend the official opening of the new sculpture exhibition El Quijote from Aurelio Teno in our pedestrian centre (fortunately, it will remain there until August). However, nobody was able to tell me when this opening would be. We went into town yesterday at noon – all sculptures were still wrapped. It was a quite surrealistic scenery to see pedestrians walking between those giants, trying to guess what they could represent. Two police officers told us that the opening would happen one hour later, at 1 pm, but we left the centre at 1:15 pm, as nothing was happening. I heard three hours later that the opening would be on 6 pm, but I was already at home. Today was a heavy rainy day, it so seldom at my place, time to put some order in the house and to create some artwork.