Monday, 23 May 2016

Street Art in Lagunillas, Malaga (Spain)

There is a small fascinating quarter just behind Malaga's crowded historic centre, and only very few tourists lose their way there: Lagunillas. I did not know anything about it until I read an article about Lagunillas' own "art route" in the newspaper some weeks ago.
Lagunillas consists in a few streets only, and many houses would need a rehabilitation (if they are not demolished already), but the artworks I saw there are very strong, as well in terms of colours as in terms of motifs. 
Street art! Art in the street instead of art in museums and private collections! Art by and for the people who live there, art telling us about lack of prospects and work, (no) future and crisis, fear, drugs and violence, food and drinks, religious and music idols, love, life. Mermaids, monsters, stars, chicken and dogs.
I took many pictures, too many perhaps, because I was fascinated. (BTW, you will not find them on my website, because I am only the medium here and not the artist myself).