Thursday, 2 February 2017

The advantage of not sending automated DM

In my opinion, nothing more annoying that getting an automated direct message as soon as you follow someone on Twitter: "Thank you for following me. As a gift, you can use the following coupon for 50% discount in my gallery -via @Crowdfire", "Please do like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram -via @Crowdfire") etc.
No doubt that such tools may be helpful to manage your account and grow your network, but... 
A couple of days ago, I got a real, human DM. Wow! A colleague who had taken the time to write a couple sentences and wanted to *meet new people* (not just to grow her network), how refreshing! I replied to her message and the exchange still is going on (while I always delete automatic DM at once and even tend to unfollow). 
Meeting people is a time-consuming process, and selling implicates dedication as well. You cannot run through life letting apps and tools doing all the "work" for you.