Friday, 7 April 2017

New Animal Alphabet!

Here is my new Animal Alphabet, performed between September 2016 and April 2017 for @AnimalAlphabets on Twitter! This time, the theme was "Fairy tales", which means that we did not only draw animals, but also human characters who play a role in them.

Some reflections that accompanied my creation process:

- Figurative drawing will never be my cup of tea. Though, leaving my comfort zone gave me the opportunity to learn, and that's the important thing. I will participate again in this kind of challenge: it is fun to work individually for a common goal and to enjoy the creations of colleagues, week after week.
- I do not like fairy tales, especially the way women and men are portrayed and polarised there. As a child already, I never liked them without being able to articulate why... Although, I was forced to read a lot to understand some figures I had to draw (never heard of the Inch High Samourai, Vassilisa, Xerxes, the Young King of Easaidh Ruadh or Zoulvisia before), not a bad thing!

We were now asked to make a collage of all letters, so I made two: a random one and another one from A to Z in the right order. Enjoy!

And here are my four favourites: