Monday, 19 June 2017

San Bernardino (Paraguay)

Twenty-five years ago, in August, we travelled to Asunción, Paraguay (with technical stops in Brussels and Dakar), and I began to work there two days after arriving at the airport. We only stayed until December, but those months were so instructive, astonishing, frightening and beautiful that Paraguay, in spite of everything, will always remain a special country and hold a special place in my heart - with its smells: yerba mate, lapacho (pink trumpet tree), fresh chipas (cheese-flavoured rolls)... 

Working and living a daily life in a country is not comparable at all with having a holiday at the same place (even a long one). On a holiday, I may (try to) read local newspapers to understand the political situation, but I will (normally) not go to the doctor, pay taxes, have to deal with corruption. 

Those sketches are made with India ink on paper, based on the pictures that my Paraguayan friend Olga made a week ago in San Bernardino, a small touristic town on the shores of the Ypacaraí Lake, about 50 km from the capital (thanks again for the pics, Olga). Enjoy!
(BTW: I wish I could win the lottery to take the next plane to Asunción).