Monday, 18 February 2019


This is my abstract vision of Torremolinos' revitalised town centre! The inauguration took place last week, but unfortunately at midday, so I could not be there. I will place some pictures and explain a bit more quite soon. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The web is like a windy road

Last week, I got mail from Google telling me more or less that they would shut Google+ at the beginning of April and all data that go along with it may progressively disappear in February already. The pictures, the comments, the followers.

Of course, one who is using what is called a free service (which is of course not really free, because you are the product) cannot complain, but once again, I feel the web is like a windy road. Dog owners talk to each other while their best friends are sniffing at each other, and the wind is carrying their words away: after discussion, words cannot be retrieved or downloaded anywhere. One could pretend they are lost, but the exchange was the important thing, not the traces it leaves behind.

Every website, portal or service we use today - and even if I pay for it - could be gone tomorrow if the operator decides so. Just like businesses disappear in our towns when the owner moves away, retires or dies.
In fact, why should online life be different than offline life? Moving to another town, starting working for another company or training in another dojo also means having to get followers from scratch. Hard enough, but feasible.

Back to art now. The work I created this week is a kind of topographic dream map ;-) 

And for those who are interested in the growing progress of my small avocado plant, I took this pic today, putting it in the sun just for the photo session, and then in the shade again:

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

In the greenhouse

Cold wind, grey skies - I am almost longing for a too hot summer. But it is still warm enough for my small avocado plant. It seems happy outside, even in the shade (there is no sun in the winter on the back patio). Enjoy!

Remembering August

My avocado pit on January 22th

Who knows how much it will grow?

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Angelfish and Dragonloon

A new @Animal Alphabet round, Sea Life, began last week (posting is every Monday at 7.30 pm GMT)! I am in, as I liked the idea of learning about new animals and using a lot of blue (but not exclusively). The first animal that we had to draw is an Angelfish. This is one of many species of them:

The same week, the challenge Animaloons (@Animaloonies) was back again as well (one inflated animal the second Tuesday of each month). In this case, it was a dragon (#Dragonloon)! Enjoy!

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Flamingos. Avocado pit. Hope.

Once again, we began the year walking on San Pedro del Pinatar's natural sand beach (Murcia, Spain). It is part of a coastal reserve, a lot of migratory birds and flamingos can been seen. We were lucky and could observe some of them near Punta de Algas.

I wanted to begin this year showing the progress of my avocado pit. 
Last September or October (I do not remember exactly), I planted two pits in the earth (I first thought to use the method with toothpicks and jar with water first, but after reading a bit, I learnt that I could use a normal plant pot as well, and that seemed easier). One of them is sprouting since December. Regardless of the further progress it will made or not, for me, it represents hope at the moment. New life. Spring coming soon. A new year, with its challenges and surprises. 

Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Happy holidays

Happy holidays to you all! May this new year 2019 bring you happiness, health, success and peace!

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Swedish books, Cordoba and La Herradura

Middle of December already. As I am not a fan of setting goals in January, it may be difficult for me now to draw some conclusions about achieving them or not. But I did achieve some unspoken goals indeed. 

I visited Sweden for the first time in May. At last! The country had been waiting for me since 1980, much too long. And I succeeded in reading "Häxan" (The Witch) by Camilla Läckberg and "Skumtimmen" (Echoes from the Dead) by Johan Theorin in the original version.

Although everybody is talking about productivity and growth, I was glad to (try to) decelerate my life a bit, also because slowdown has to do with sustainability. I am always more conscious that little actions in everyday life are crucial. 

This year, we discovered some parts of the province of Cordoba (Zuheros and Iznájar). We did not knew much of it except the capital (most foreign tourists in Spain will probably never seen anything else than its (wonderful) historic centre...). We found little gems in the summer, even if we were told that it was "much too hot to go there at that time of the year". 
If you choose your places carefully, it is simply not true. Temperatures are much higher than at the coast during the day, but also a lot lower during the night. If you adapt consequently (sightseeing early in the morning, reading under a tree and swimming during the day), a rural hotel can be an excellent choice. I was glad to let some money at places that I cherish, to buy organic food and to support people who work hard to offer guests a different experience (and welcome dogs without extra fee).

In September, IAPTI's fifth Conference in Valencia was a great experience too. I saw friends again, met new colleagues, learnt a lot and visited the centre of this vibrant city. I would have needed to walk more days and nights through the streets to capture its essence with my camera. 

Last week, as temperatures were still high, we walked on the hills between Almuñécar and La Herradura (province of Granada). Here two pictures of the small harbour Marina del Este. Enjoy!