Sunday, 30 June 2013

The holiday of others

With the arrival of June, summer season has begun and during this time, population can triple in my adopted home town. Which means a lot of disagreements like noise in the night and overcrowded buses and trains, but also the possibility of learning of those others who come to relax on our beaches and to visit our country.

One thing I like all year here is the mixed population, the possibility to speak five languages in one day depending on the neighbours you are talking to, but in July and August, there are definitely even more possibilities to discover other worlds. 
It is not that easy to find another place in Europe - except London or Paris maybe - where you can meet people form Iceland, Bahrain, Morocco and Russia within one hour...

Before leaving on holiday myself, I can enjoy something new, different, being at home - only by opening my eyes and ears. Some conversations will tell me of other landscapes, habits, spices, colours, will inspire me as an artist and will be able to serve as catalytic converter to inspiration.

Trees in the sand

Summer under tree shadow