Thursday, 15 August 2019

Waugust: half-time

#Waugust: it is half-time already!

As so often on Twitter, I learned about the challenge #Waugust rather by accident: I knew about #drawingaugust but was not planning to participate this year, too much work and heat... But #Waugust (drawing one dog breed per day until the end of the month) sounded exciting because I love dogs, a silly dog owns me and I will be a dog if I reincarnate one day (N.B. in German, "wau" corresponds to "woof in English, making of this hashtag a combination of barking noise and name of the month). 
After one week or so, we heard that similar challenge, #doggust, was running in English (with another breed list)! So I went on posting one dog per day using both hashtags from then.

Here my first fifteen dogs, all drawn with Indian ink. Some are better than others, they are all only quick sketches. Enjoy!

My favourites are Nicki (the "dog of my dreams"), the husky and the fox terrier:

Thursday, 1 August 2019


It is August again, which means that it will be New Year today in only five months (I saw the first advertisement for the Spanish Christmas lottery yesterday). I needed to create something strong and full of energy to help us to bear the heat and the noise of the summer here at the coast.
As August begins today, the challenges #DrawingAugust and #Waugust (both 1 drawing per day) begin today too on Twitter. I will kill two birds with one stone drawing one dog breed per day for #Waugust (in German), tagging my sketches with #DrawingAugust as well (yes, there will only be sketches, I have no time for more than that). Enjoy!

My first dog, the Afghan Hound

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Sealife: another finished Animal Alphabet

Time is flying, and here is another finished Animal Alphabet (the next will be announced next week). "Sealife" was an amazing theme, you can use a lot of blue and other bright colours. It has become obvious that oceans and seas need protection. Living in a touristic area at the seaside, I see every day the amount of rubbish we produced because we are (still) not able to do without once-only packaging. Time to change many of our habits.

Here are my 2 favourites, Fangtooth and Zebra Lionfish, and letters A-Z in two collages. Enjoy!

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Once more, Spain and Andalusia are not only the coast!

Summer is here again. 

We had to go back to Iznájar.

Spain is a popular holiday destination in Europe, as it can also be reached with the car or train. But many visitors come to stay on the crowded coasts. Such a pity, as Spain has so much to offer! A suggestion: try the "interior" (= everything which is not the coast). Even in the summer. In Andalusia. Because climate is not the same everywhere, and people are different too.

We had to go back to Iznájar. 

This small town in the province of Cordoba is close to Malaga. Though days are hotter (but drier) and nights cooler than at the coast. You will miss (or not) usual animation, facilities and urban noises, but will be rewarded with wild animals and a beautiful lake.


Friday, 21 June 2019

Happy midsummer!

Here some pictures from Sweden around the theme water.
I loved being there enjoying the silence, looking at the sky and water, with no need to check mailboxes or profiles. Although technology is indispensable, of course, I often think that we have become modern slaves and forget the essential.

I wish you a nice midsummer! I hope you can celebrate in the nature and enjoy the longest day of the year if you are in the Northern hemisphere! 

Monday, 17 June 2019

Animaloons January - June

Month after month, the challenge @animaloonies (drawing an inflated animal every second Tuesday of every month) is going on Twitter. This week, I realised that half of the year is already done! January was yesterday, and today, Spanish neighbours are planning their midsummer party and some clients of mine are already sending me stuff for September or even December. 

Here are my six animaloons so far. My favourite is the foxloon, because he looks so happy. Enjoy!