Sunday, 28 July 2013

Talent knocks at your door when it is ripe

Last summer, I felt the urge to return to my brushes after so many years.
During all this time, I did not even wait passively for my talent to manifest itself; I just had forgotten about it. But suddenly, inspiration became so obsessive that it led me like a zombie to the first art shop to buy some brushes and colours.

Maybe I needed this long break to develop my own artistic voice?
Already early in life, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but times were hard for dreamers and others did not let me. I was surrounded by pessimists who only saw problems, preventing me from seeing opportunities. The only way to survive at that time was to put my dreams on ice. At home, at school and at university, I mostly learned what not to do, how not to work and not to live, but nothing about the way to achieve my goals.
I am sure - this long break was necessary to gain confidence and gather the courage to follow my own path.

Playing with soap