Monday, 21 March 2016

From Leopard to Zebra Shark

I am "only" a visual artist, not an illustrator - painting or drawing abstract is what I like the most, but a couple of months ago, I came upon a nice group on Twitter posting under the hashtag #AnimalAlphabets. 
The idea was to post an animal beginning with a certain letter once a week, all together on Monday 7 p.m. I discovered them with letter L that was for Leopard, and here a small collage with my work from Leopard to Zebra Shark.
No, I did not have the courage others colleagues had to catch up from letter A, drawing all the animals I had been missing. Maybe because I am not sure I am good at it. However, the action was funny, I had to leave my comfort zone, and the company was good! 

My two favourites, X for Xenops and Z for Zebra Shark

A collage with the other letters, from L to Z